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Evaluation of front cover production

Contents Page

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                                                                                  This is my final contents page and I am very pleased with it. I decided to place the contents title down the left hand side, as I thought it would be differnt and more amusing to put it in this location, as the top of the page is quite boring. I have included my SE logo in the top left hand corner, to create consistency on all my pages. I decided to put the page numbers on the right hand side and place images in the middle, to make it more user friendly. I am extremely pleased with my contents page, as it is very colourful and lively and it isn’t full of dry text. Overall, I am ecstatic with my contents page.

Photoshop magazine front cover

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I am very pleased with my final photoshop front cover. I am pleased with the close-up, as you can view it clearly. I am happy with the colour cohesion, as I feel the red, black and blue colours all contrast each other very nicely. I am happy with all of the text and I like the red and black theme throughout. The only downside in my opinion is the shadow on Tom’s face, as it sort of hides the left hand side of his face. However, I am generally very pleased and overall I feel it’s a very nice photoshop front cover.

NME music magazine analysis

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NME music magazine analysis

High Hill cover analysis

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This example of High Hill magazine is an example magazine cover we studied in class. The purpose of this, is to familiarise ourselves with the key media terminology. I have briefly annotated some of the key aspects of the magazine cover. For example, I have discovered callouts, column inch and heading/sub-heading. The images placed at the bottom, are placed on a ladder slide. The purpose of this, is to order the images and present them well. This type of slide looks professional.  Additionally, the colour scheme is red, yellow, black and white. The purpose of this, is to allow the colours to contrast but by using only a few colours, the page doesn’t become overwhelmed with different colours.

Front cover sketch

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<My front cover sketch highlights the key aspects of my magazine cover. I have stuck to the brief and decided to use an image of a medium-close up. I have decided to take a picture of a flagpole and merge the title into the flag itself. This wil be hard, but I am sure it will work. I am going to hopefully create a logo, which will be placed in the top right of the page, which I can place in all of my slides, which will create consistency. The various pieces of information, like callouts, top tips about Sheldon, tag lines, bar code etc, will be placed around the medium-close up. I am pleased with this idea, as I feel it will all be cohesive and fit in an organised fashion. I am hoping it won't look too cluttered though.