Contents page sketches v

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Contents page research analysis

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Magazine contents page analysis

Music mag essay writing

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Final mag front cover 5

This is my complete version of my music mgazine front cover. I am delighted with the outcome, as I spent many weeks building my cover. I will do a full written evaluation fairly soon after I have completed my contents page and my double page spread.

Final mag front cover 3

This is the initial stage of my final magazine front cover. I have included my final title ‘Amphasis’, my tagline and an image of a person wearing a leather jacket, who is imitating a rock star. I am very pleased so far and I will continue the work right away.

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front cover magazine model

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Final mag image

This is an example image that I would like to use on my music magazine. However, I noticed that this is a landscape image and it needs to be portrait.  On photoshop, when I rescale the image it looks far too squashed and it is unsuccessful. Due to this error I need to take more photos and take them as portrait. Therefore, I will attempt to use the same style again as I am extremely pleased with this photo.


This is a sketch of how I would like my final magazine front cover to look. I want to take an image preferably of a teenager against a white wall. He will be wearing a leather jacket and holding his arms up in the air. I will put information and smaller images on the outside and they will surround him. I hope to create my front cover in this way.