Music magazine article analysis

This is my analysis of a music magazine article. I have done this in order of understanding how to lay out an article and the type of content that needs to be included. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article and I will probably use some of the same concepts in my final magazine article.

Final mag contents page stage 1

This is my first stage at my final magazine contents page. I am very pleased so far, as I have the title in the my desired style and two images. The title I believe is original and I am pleased with it. My images show 2 rock stars one of which is holding an electric guitar. So far, I feel that this is realistic and I am pleased with my effort.

Sketch of contents page

This is a sketch of how I would like my final contents page to look like. I am particularly pleased with my title, as it is original and very creative. I am going to put 4 images of the same person under the title and I am then going to include quite a lot of text with page numbers and possibly 1 more image nearer the bottom.

Contents page sketches

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Contents page sketches v

Music magazine essay writing

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Music mag essay writing

Final mag front cover 3

This is the initial stage of my final magazine front cover. I have included my final title ‘Amphasis’, my tagline and an image of a person wearing a leather jacket, who is imitating a rock star. I am very pleased so far and I will continue the work right away.

High Hill cover analysis

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This example of High Hill magazine is an example magazine cover we studied in class. The purpose of this, is to familiarise ourselves with the key media terminology. I have briefly annotated some of the key aspects of the magazine cover. For example, I have discovered callouts, column inch and heading/sub-heading. The images placed at the bottom, are placed on a ladder slide. The purpose of this, is to order the images and present them well. This type of slide looks professional. ¬†Additionally, the colour scheme is red, yellow, black and white. The purpose of this, is to allow the colours to contrast but by using only a few colours, the page doesn’t become overwhelmed with different colours.